Blended Learning

CLS adopts a blended learning approach to designing and developing learning programmes, which incorporates the widest range of learning formats and options, from formal classroom training to mlearning (mobile learning) and social learning for performance support. This provides the richness and flexibility to cater for the needs and abilities of different learners and deliver the required business results.  The approach offers:

  • a full mix of formal and informal learning, face-to-face and at distance, theoretical and practical, timetabled and on-demand, individual and social, away from work and on the job, learner-led and fully organised, coached/mentored and via self-discovery
  • the tools to allow learners to take more control of their own learning, engaging their enthusiasm and creativity as well as the collaboration and discovery skills which are now engrained due to their habitual use of mobile devices, online browsing and social media

Well-designed and well-executed blended learning delivers the key benefits of making learning more sustainable by providing a mix that stimulates learners and provides the appropriate learning options for the different learning needs.

The elements of blended learning to be included in the mix for each individual client depends on the culture and existing infrastructure of the organisation and CLS proposes suggested learning formats to be used for each programme.  For example, while a heavy reliance on social learning may be appropriate for a young new technology company, it may not be for an enterprise in an industry with strict compliance regulations.  However, CLS also recognise that by their very nature, innovative methods of collaboration can be useful in exploring options as part of a learning programme.

With careful, agreed selection of the right mix of solutions, blended learning allows CLS to provide the optimum learning programme tailored to your situation and goals.

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