Learning Framework

Our unique Learning Framework will help you to implement an effective learning strategy and deliver sustained performance support, whether you are embarking on an ERP implementation, upgrading to a new version, or where your organisation needs end user support for existing operations.

It identifies precisely your learning needs so that we can implement an appropriate range of learning and training solutions offering the required knowledge and support at the right time. 

The result?  Rapid end-user adoption and continuing performance support for effective working to achieve business goals

The framework covers the full range of services from strategy to sustainment, focusing on:

  • Identifying the needs of stakeholders
  • Planning what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards
  • Building and motivating the team
  • Coordinating the work of our consultants
  • Monitoring work being completed
  • Managing changes to the plan
  • Delivering successful results

Involving CLS Performance Solutions early in the planning of your implementation allows our consultants to capture and consider all learning elements.  This supports the build of a learning strategy that maps to the stages of the overall project.  Effective, sustained end user adoption of your ERP implementation needs to be planned to allow for selection of the right mix of learning tools based on the needs of the learners, so this early engagement really is crucial.

Performance-based training is developed according to competency assessment
standards, aligning client expectations for development and allocating resources efficiently to development effort.  Learning material is created to agreed standards and is quality controlled.

Key to CLS’s added value is our consultants’ expertise in ERP systems, allowing them to include practical tools and tips, using the experiences from real-life ERP and industry.

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